Updated: UnelmaCloud and UnelmaMovie

For those who don't know what is software, here is a brief definition of software update. Software Update: a bug fixes, a patch, fixes for features that aren't working, adding new features or minor enhancements for improvements. 

UnelmaCloud has been updated today with the following changes:

- UnelmaCloud is now capable to preview spreadsheet (excel), powerpoint presentations (ppt, pptx) and word documents (doc, docx).  
- Folder view is now possible same like files view in UnelmaCloud
- Users can now add their description for uploaded files and folders
- UnelmaCloud has a new subscription page redesign
- Several bugs were fixed (e.g. PDF preview works correctly on Microsoft Edge and other mobile browsers)

UnelmaMovie too has been updated with several fixes.

- Movie titles links were not clickable from the home page
- Improved layout for series in the episode page

- Several other enhancements and improvements have been done on UnelmaMovie platform

UnelmaMail has been updated

Some hard work from the development team from Unelma Platforms... we have updated platform.

UnelmaMail aims to be the world's first AI-powered email marketing platform

In this recent update, we have the following changes:
 - We added support for Zapier integration
    Zapier is an excellent intuitive framework which allows you to sync more than thousands of app together. 
-  Added support for failed deliveries retries
-  UnelmaMail now supports system error notification
-  A couple of essential bugs has been fixed
-  Fixed open and click tracking not working sometimes
-  Fixed where sometimes incorrect user IP detection was shown

For those customers who like integration, here is a straightforward use-case:

For example, you can make an async scenario like this:

"For every email I received to my Gmail box, extract the Email Address, Name and add to UnelmaMail"

Just sign up for an account, add an integration (Add A-Zap), choose Gmail as the trigger and follow the proc…

Unelma Platforms is rated among the world “Top 10 Trusted CodeIgniter Development Companies in 2019”

So here is some good news from our company.  We don’t like rating as such but someone took a time and thought about our company. Put in his hard work and listed us among “Top 10 trusted codeigniter development companies in 2019” So here is some picture and marketing materials if you would like to fancy those stuff.

Reference where the article was originally published:

e-Khalti e-Voucher design


Qualys scans and attests Unelma Platforms for PCI-DSS Compliance

Qualys scans and attests Unelma Platforms for PCI-DSS Compliance

As we have been working on empowering our customers and users around the world, network security and payment processing are extremely important. 

Recently our network team went through scanning of our server and did the full scan of our entire servers. After hard work by both the Qualys team and also by our server administrator team, we have finally received an attestation from the Qualys for PCI-DSS compliance. 

One of our platform which is gaining a lot of momentum lately is which offers a fin-tech solution to the users around the world. offers  Top-up, Utility services, Automate billing services. is ongoing PCI-compliant service provided to the customers with multiple utility bills payments such as water and electricity bills payments, merchant integration to integrate into WordPress websites and shopping services. 

e-Khalti does not directly process any credit card transactions. e-Kh…

e-Khalti now uses more than 20 local banks

Image now uses more than 20 local banks

It is our great pleasure to announce today that e-Khalti development is slowly advancing in the right direction. 

We have now added more than twenty local banks in the platform. 

This capability allows users of e-Khalti to do various things:

- Deposit and load value inside the platform
- Transfer funds from e-Khalti friends to another e-Khalti friend with minimal or no fee
- Pay for the purchases in their online business with "Pay with" button
- Withdraw value from platform
- Convert the currency to the base currency based on European Banks data which is published every day
- Do e-banking or mobile banking with breeze
- Much other countless stuff

Stay tuned for more news...

Unelma Platforms Oy partners with Trustly Group AB

Unelma Platforms Oy partners with Trustly Group AB for payment processing in

Unelma Platforms partners with Europe's #1 online banking payment provider, Trustly 
Unelma Platforms, an international software platform development company specialising in state-of-the-art software, is partnering with Trustly Group AB, a leading European online bank payment provider.
Trustly is a Swedish fintech company that offers solutions for the e-commerce industry through its direct bank payments technology.

Unelma Platforms aims to use Trustly payment processing services in UnelmaMail email marketing platform and many other Unelma platforms product and services in the future. 
For Unelma Platforms, chief operating officer Ms Laxmi Kalwar said, "We are delighted to have this co-partnership for the payment processing in one of our platforms with Trustly, which is gaining a lot of momentum in European fintech space."

UnelmaMail payment gateway integration work is …