Userly updated, and Android Mobile app launched

Our Userly team notified us about significant version update to the analytics platform. We have updated Userly with version 4.0.1 which was previously running 3.5. The current version has substantial upgrades in the design 

  •   We upgrade our entire framework stack 
  •   Added automatic installation and update in our analytics platform
  •   Added support from various third-party add-ons and also updated those
  •   Redesigned dashboard view of Userly
  •  Added 55+ commercial Virus scanner (which will scan code for malware and viruses)
  •   Added Google indexer and Similarweb data
  •   Removed much of our deprecated third-party plugins and tools

Bonus, we also have developed Android app for Userly, you may download the Android app from here:

Let us know about your feedback and suggestions. 


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