UnelmaCloud is updated with some fascinating changes

Our cloud team has updated UnelmaCloud with some fascinating changes

- The entire web app has been revised with new Styles
- Now it is possible to do file and folder sharing among users
- Users can easily share files with password protection and various permissions
- How cool is that now you can upload the "Folder."
- We will soon add more localisation in UnelmaCloud
- Those business users and enterprise customers can pay using PayPal for higher cloud storage service
- The speed of UnelmaCloud is improved more than 50% so should load much faster
- The latest and greatest web technologies have been adopted with progressive web app feature and server-side rendering mechanism 
- We have also improved search functionality (now you can search for images, documents and files)
- We have also support for IE11 and other older browsers (which other cloud providers might lack)
- We have also made the web-app responsive (meaning you can also use the UnelmaCloud in mobile/desktop) without an issue
- Guess what, and you can scroll the files and see them on your mobile device without the hassle 

If you have any support related question, contact us at https://support.unelmaplatform.com 


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