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e-Sathi API has been published on ProgrammableWeb

e-Sathi API has been published on ProgrammableWeb

It is our pleasure to announce that the first initial version of e-Sathi API is now officially published in ProgrammableWeb. 

e-Sathi API lets you do a lot of cool stuff. It is based on the "social" category.  e-Sathi API allows users and developers to retrieve pieces of information from e-Sathi

e-Sathi API allows users and developers to retrieve pieces of information from our social networking website via GET request and supports the various parameters. 

Current API implementation is limited however we are working on releasing full-fledged RESTful API so developers can use them in their app development purposes. e-Sathi is a social networking site to discover new people, create new connections and make new friends.

Here is how the correspondence reads from ProgrammableWeb:

This email is to notify you that an API that you recently submittede-Sathihas been approved for publication inProgrammableWeb's API directory. Thank you aga…

UnelmaHost and Userly are updated

We are pleased to announce a couple of recent updates in our two platforms: UnelmaHost and

UnelmaHost has a significant update with a lot of improvements. We have also added two major payment gateway in the UnelmaHost: Bitpay and GoCardLess

BitPay is a bitcoin payment service provider whose headquartered is in the United States. It was founded in May 2011 by Tony Gallippi and Stephen Pair. BitPay provides Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash payment processing services for merchants.

We have also added GoCardLess payment gateway. 

On Userly, there is a minor update. helps people to do marketing, search engine optimisation and much more.  The API is provided for free as open source MIT license. 

UnelmaMail now comes with Russian and Polish

UnelmaMail now comes with Russian and Polish language capabilities. UnelmaMail already supports: Finnish, Nepali, English, Spanish, Swedish, Italian, German, Dutch, French, Hindi and Portuguese. 

It is our pleasure to announce today that UnelmaMail - an AI-powered email marketing automation platform now comes with Russian and Polish language. 

So like we promised a few weeks back, we are "working extremely hard or hardly working", we have come up with two more additional language and localisation features in the UnelmaMail platform. 

Business Finland supports the localisation project.

Some cool surprise is coming your way in the UnelmaMail. Stay tuned!

e-Khalti loves ReactJS

There is massive growth in web and mobile app development space powered by many libraries that developers develop to enhance better user experiences. 

Considering the scale of the application company is developing one has plenty of frameworks and libraries to select from and it can be a daunting task to select one framework over next. 

Google "paradox of choice" and you will see which framework or tools would be best suited for the apps you are developing. 

Recently our e-Khalti core development team went through a similar situation, and it was up to a project manager to decide which libraries will work and best suit in situation. 

Our development team at e-Khalti loves ReactJS, one of the growing Javascript library that has received extensive popularity in the development community. 

To briefly outline, React was developed by Zuckerberg and his development team at Facebook. However, it was made open source with MIT license so now anyone can use it freely. 

We support…

Rules on how to use e-Sathi

This comes from our online assistant at

1. To get points please do the genuine post, comments and likes
2. Your points can be converted to NPR
3. 100 points will be equal to NPR 1.0
4. Once you wallet balance reaches NPR 500, send offline message to me or Barsha madam, see video from here:
5. If you post too many unnecessary comments, likes or posts your account will be banned and deleted
6. If you want to refer and earn NPR 10.00, invite your friends through affiliates link (Go to Profile --> Settings --> Affiliates), going here:
7. Please protect your e-Sathi account with 2FA (Two Factor Authentication), going here:
8. e-Sathi users can watch movies for free from here:
9. We are not facebooking but we are e-Sathi(ing), so whatever you post, comment and like is moderated, and we have zero-tolerance policy against fake accounts,… and API have been published to ProgrammableWeb's API Directory and API have now been officially published to ProgrammableWeb's API Directory!

e-Khalti is a mobile digital wallet for an instant, secure and hassle-free online payments. The e-Khalti Payments API allows developers to integrate online payments into their websites and mobile applications. The e-Khalti API is listed under the Payments category.
Userly provides website SEO and analytics services. The Userly SEO & Analytics API can be used to build customized dashboards to show Userly Analytics data, automate reporting assignments, and integrate Userly Analytics information. Userly analyzes Alexa data, similarWeb data, Whois data, social media data, Moz check, Search Engine Index, Google page rank, IP analysis, malware check and more. The Userly API is listed under the SEO category. 
About ProgrammableWeb: ProgrammableWeb is a source for open APIs, mashups and web as the platform. ProgrammableWeb is an information and news source about the Web as a programmable…

UnelmaMovie is updated

A new year and a new beginning... our platform has been completely re-written using Google's Material Design theme.

I am not going to bore you with all the technical details about the platform. You can see it for yourself the new look by merely visiting.

The current version of is 3.0