e-Khalti loves ReactJS

There is massive growth in web and mobile app development space powered by many libraries that developers develop to enhance better user experiences. 

Considering the scale of the application company is developing one has plenty of frameworks and libraries to select from and it can be a daunting task to select one framework over next. 

Google "paradox of choice" and you will see which framework or tools would be best suited for the apps you are developing. 

Recently our e-Khalti core development team went through a similar situation, and it was up to a project manager to decide which libraries will work and best suit in e-Khalti.com situation. 

Our development team at e-Khalti loves ReactJS, one of the growing Javascript library that has received extensive popularity in the development community. 

To briefly outline, React was developed by Zuckerberg and his development team at Facebook. However, it was made open source with MIT license so now anyone can use it freely. 

We support open source community, and we have also recently released four of our core APIs (UnelmaMail, e-Khalti, UnelmaMusic and Userly) as MIT license for the developer community to develop cool stuff on top of that.

In our e-Khalti.com platform we are also using React, and now if someone asks which companies use React, you can also put our name on the list. 


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