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e-Khalti now uses more than 20 local banks

Image now uses more than 20 local banks

It is our great pleasure to announce today that e-Khalti development is slowly advancing in the right direction. 

We have now added more than twenty local banks in the platform. 

This capability allows users of e-Khalti to do various things:

- Deposit and load value inside the platform
- Transfer funds from e-Khalti friends to another e-Khalti friend with minimal or no fee
- Pay for the purchases in their online business with "Pay with" button
- Withdraw value from platform
- Convert the currency to the base currency based on European Banks data which is published every day
- Do e-banking or mobile banking with breeze
- Much other countless stuff

Stay tuned for more news...

Unelma Platforms Oy partners with Trustly Group AB

Unelma Platforms Oy partners with Trustly Group AB for payment processing in

Unelma Platforms partners with Europe's #1 online banking payment provider, Trustly 
Unelma Platforms, an international software platform development company specialising in state-of-the-art software, is partnering with Trustly Group AB, a leading European online bank payment provider.
Trustly is a Swedish fintech company that offers solutions for the e-commerce industry through its direct bank payments technology.

Unelma Platforms aims to use Trustly payment processing services in UnelmaMail email marketing platform and many other Unelma platforms product and services in the future. 
For Unelma Platforms, chief operating officer Ms Laxmi Kalwar said, "We are delighted to have this co-partnership for the payment processing in one of our platforms with Trustly, which is gaining a lot of momentum in European fintech space."

UnelmaMail payment gateway integration work is …

The pen is the lever that moves the world.


Unelma platforms has been shortlisted to feature in "The 10 Companies with Most Disruptive Innovation in 2019"

Every now and then some catchy news pops-up in our very busy inbox. And today we got a piece of fascinating news saying that Unelma platforms have been shortlisted to feature in "The 10 companies with most disruptive innovation in 2019"

So here is how the correspondence reads:

Hi Team,

We are glad to inform that Unelma platforms has been shortlisted to feature in "The 10 Companies with Most Disruptive Innovation in 2019" issue of the Analytics Insights Magazine. 

We are working in some extremely "disruptive innovation" in 2019. So stay tuned for more...

e-Khalti platform now uses 16 service providers

A recent update from our development team at, sixteen service providers, are now operational in the platform. now facilitates several telecommunication service providers in Nepal.

For example, in Mobile operation:

- NTC (Nepal Telecommunication Network)
- NCell (an axiata company)
- SmartCell
- UTL Nepal

Similarly, in Internet Service Providers

- Vianet
- WorldLink
- Subisu
- Few more are in-line

Likewise, in TV operators
- Dishhome
- SimTV
- Sky (coming soon)
- MeroTV (coming soon)

Utility Bill payments
- Nepal water

Flight and Ticket Booking Services 
- Coming soon

Social Networking
- (Nepal #1 Social network)

Banking services
- 35+ local banks (coming soon)