e-Khalti platform now uses 16 service providers

A recent update from our development team at e-Khalti.com, sixteen service providers, are now operational in the platform. 

e-Khalti.com now facilitates several telecommunication service providers in Nepal.

For example, in Mobile operation:

- NTC (Nepal Telecommunication Network)
- NCell (an axiata company)
- SmartCell 
- UTL Nepal

Similarly, in Internet Service Providers

- Vianet
- WorldLink
- Subisu
- Few more are in-line

Likewise, in TV operators
- Dishhome
- SimTV
- Sky (coming soon)
- MeroTV (coming soon)

Utility Bill payments
- Nepal water

Flight and Ticket Booking Services 
- Coming soon

Social Networking
- e-Sathi.com (Nepal #1 Social network)

Banking services
- 35+ local banks (coming soon)


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