e-Khalti now uses more than 20 local banks

e-Khalti.com now uses more than 20 local banks

It is our great pleasure to announce today that e-Khalti development is slowly advancing in the right direction. 

We have now added more than twenty local banks in the platform. 

This capability allows users of e-Khalti to do various things:

- Deposit and load value inside the e-Khalti.com platform
- Transfer funds from e-Khalti friends to another e-Khalti friend with minimal or no fee
- Pay for the purchases in their online business with "Pay with e-Khalti.com" button
- Withdraw value from e-Khalti.com platform
- Convert the currency to the base currency based on European Banks data which is published every day
- Do e-banking or mobile banking with breeze
- Much other countless stuff

Stay tuned for more news...


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